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Breed Wild OUD


Breed Wild Oud EDP 100ml For Men

Long-lasting Oud scent, research has proven that not only does it make you feel more attractive, it also acts as a carnal catalyst. Oud is one such intoxicating scent that has caught the fancy of perfumers around the world. And its arousing powers have been the subject of many a study. Try a new oud scent today with Breed Wild Oud.

Breed Wild Oud EDP 100ml Perfume
Breed Wild Oud
Strong and Long Lasting Perfume
For Men

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Breed Wild Oud EDP 100ml For Men

Long-lasting and lovely smell that lasts longer than 48hours… smells Good and fresh… it makes u feel like a Boss.
Breed Wild Oud EDP 100ml For Men. Looking for a great scent for an all-day freshness? This Wild Oud EDP 100ml For Men gives you all day freshness Breed has 8 elegant & classy fragrances; all shades of amazing…
Breed Black Spice, Floral Satin, Silk Water, Shock, Thriller, Nightlife, Wild Oud and Highlights; Breed gives you an all-day freshness with huge longevity and silage.


100 mL

Number of Sprays



3.4 FL. OZ.

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